• Get your motor runnin’ in just two weeks. Only 8 minutes a day!

    Are you ready to bring your body out of retirement? Let Jaime Brenkus virtually coach you with Gentleman, Restart Your Engines—the program designed exclusively for older men who want to get fitter. This 14-day program consists of clean meal options, easy-to-follow fat-burning and body-sculpting workouts, and daily inspirations to help you look better and feel better. Jaime will be with you every step of the way and will be available to answer any of your questions as you'll have access to his personal email. The Gentleman, Restart Your Engines schedule takes just 8 minutes a day, and in only two weeks, you'll start dropping body fat, strengthening your body, and increasing energy. 


    For your convenience, the Gentlemen, Restart Your Engines program is exclusively an online program, viewable on any computer or tablet with internet connection. There's no waiting for the program to be delivered - you can purchase it today and begin the online program when you're ready. Once you buy it, you own it forever! 

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Hosted by Jaime Brenkus, inventor of the blockbuster-selling
8-Minute Video Series!

What You Get

  • Who wants aggressive, intimidating trainers and unrealistic exercise challenges? Instead, you can have easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions set to daily 8-minute exercise routines. Through a combination of simple, metabolic strength training and easy, healthy recipes, you will burn fat and feel better than you have in years! This achievable step-by-step transformation program includes:

  • Bonus!

    Access to Jaime's personal email so you can reach out to him for support at any time!

  • Take the fun, easy route towards health and happiness. Burn fat, strengthen your body, increase your energy, and restart your engine by following our two-week program!

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