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Gentlemen, Restart Your Engines [Streaming]

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jaime brenkus in front of still images of exercise workouts

Men over 50. Looking to regain some of your lost vim and vigor? In this low-impact 14-day program, celebrity trainer Jaime Brenkus will help you refill your tank with horsepower in Gentlemen, Resart Your Engines. 

Jaime gained fame in the 90s when he revolutionized the fitness industry with his 8-minute daily workouts philosophy. Now he’s ready to rev up your fitness with 11 daily 8-minute video workouts (with well-deserved rest and recovery days each week) – plus warm-up, warm-down, and stretching videos. 90 minutes of video content in all!

The video above features a 3-minute excerpt from Day 1 of the Gentlemen, Restart Your Engines video workout program. Each day of the program runs 8 minutes.

You also gain online access to healthy eating recommendations to follow throughout the course of the 14 day program – including a grocery shopping list of suggestions for dinner, lunch, breakfast, and snacks. While following the healthy eating part of the program is not required to benefit from Gentlemen, Restart Your Engines, it gives you your best chance of achieving your goals.

You’ll own the program, so you can repeat it as much as you want. And if you want to make individual days more of a challenge, feel free to repeat sessions twice or even three times on the same day.

Jaime also demonstrates modifications of some exercises for those who may find certain moves too challenging. 

Gentlemen, Restart Your Engines:

  • Is suitable for all fitness levels

  • Requires only a pair of 3 lb. or 5 lb. weights, a mat, a towel, a bottle of water, and a sturdy chair

  • Works your whole body, burning calories and building strength simultaneously

  • Focuses on total body, biceps, back, chest, shoulders, triceps, upper body, cardio, abs, and strength aerobics sessions

  • Work out by yourself or with a group


The online content includes:

  • A tracking calendar

  • 14 days of suggested meal plans for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks

  • A grocery shopping list

  • Previews of each daily video so you can understand the proper form for each exercise

  • Reflection worksheets to help you achieve your goals

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