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Rock the Walk 30-Day Challenge [Streaming]

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Designed for women and men over 50, Rock the Walk 30-Day Challenge is suitable for anyone of any age looking for the convenience and effectiveness of an at-home fitness program – while avoiding germs at a gym.

Through the motivating beat of classic rock-style instrumental music, Rock the Walk 30-Day Challenge enables you to perform other fitness moves as you walk-in-place. So no need to care about bad or cold weather outside.

The video above features a 3-minute excerpt from Day 1 of the Rock the Walk 30-Day Challenge video workout program.

The program includes 22 daily video workouts (with well-deserved rest and recovery days each week). Workouts start at 8 minutes and progress to 16, 24,and 32 minutes a day over the course of the program. And come with warm-up, warm-down, and stretching videos.

Additionally, fitness host Jaime Brenkus demonstrates modifications of exercises for those who find certain moves too challenging. You’ll own the program, so you can repeat it as much as you want!

Rock the Walk 30-Day Challenge:

  • Is suitable for all fitness levels

  • Requires only a pair of 3 lb. or 5 lb. weights, a towel, and a bottle of water

  • Works your whole body, burning calories and building strength simultaneously

  • Focuses on total body, legs, abs, arms, and cardio

  • Work out by yourself or with a group


You also gain access to online content including:

  • A tracking calendar

  • Reference videos so you can understand the proper form for each exercise

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