About EverGreen Wellness

Why Evergreen Wellness

Simple. We Want to Help You Discover A Life Worth Living Longer.

Face it. It’s a youth-saturated world, focused on endless superhero movies, soft drinks, pop culture, and trendy clothes you wouldn’t be caught (ahem) in. But, let’s be real. The rest of us surely would appreciate a little space of our own. We have unique needs. Right people?

Fitness for 50-80+

Discover Fitness Video Programs That’ll Knock You Off Your Rocker

Here in the Evergreen Wellness Shop, we offer sensible fitness videos programs designed specifically for active adults 50-80+ – whether you haven't exercised in years or simply want to maintain what you've already got.

High Quality Supplements

Fuel Your Body

Just when you thought life was slowing down, today's mid-lifers (and beyond) fill their days with cycling, inline skates, basketball hoops, yoga sessions, computer and cooking classes, dance moves, social and travel clubs, theater acting, and a slew of other pastimes usually associated with younger people.

Evergreen Wellness offers a line of supplements and vitamins to support your activities and keep you moving day after day.


We’re Cheryl and John Parrish, the people behind Evergreen Wellness, inviting you to discover with others what it means to Live Evergreen. You can read more about our story here »