Wellness Tracker for Women and Men 50-80+. Includes Activity Tracker, Food Tracker, and Goal Planner

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It’s one thing to want to look and feel better. It’s another thing getting started. Wellness Tracker is a journal specifically created for women and men 50-80+ to monitor your daily physical movements and nutrition choices. Through self-examination, you’ll become keenly aware of how you move your body and what you eat each day.

Experience how recording your lifestyle choices over time can improve how you feel and reveal insights to building healthier habits.

FREE BONUS: Your Wellness Tracker includes 100 colorful re-stickable page tabs to keep your place and mark notable pages.

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Our Wellness Tracker Features 176 Pages including 10 Weeks of Daily Physical Activty and Nutrition Tracking

Plus weekly wellness self-evaluations and goal-setting guidance. Great to use with Evergreen Wellness fitness DVD programs or another program you may be following.

Keep Track of Every Way You Move Your Body

Everyday movements are just as important to your health as exercise. Go walking in the mall. Play with grandkids. Any and all kinds of physical activities are worth noting in your Wellness Tracker.

Become Mindful of Your Entire Lifestyle

By being focused on your entire lifestyle (both physical activity and nutrition), you can bring about positive change.

Easy-to-Use Daily Tracking Forms

Enjoy large print and wide spaces in which to write. Journal how you feel each day. Reflect on building healthy habits over time without getting bogged down in endless statistical analysis (no counting calories, fitness reps, or steps).

You’re As Young As You Feel

It’s really true. If you’re ready to look and feel younger, take control of your lifestyle with the help of Wellness Tracker from Evergreen Wellness.

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