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Baila! Latin-Dance Inspired Fitness Workouts DVD

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Available exclusively at Evergreen Wellness

Baila! (pronounced bi’ luh) is the Spanish command for “Dance!”and teaches you the basics of popular Latin dance moves to help you burn calories while having fun.

No dance experience (or even a dance partner) required!

 DVDs available to U.S. customers only (including Alaska and Hawaii). Includes free shipping.

The video above features excerpts from one of our five Baila! 20-minute dance workout sessions.

Each dance workout features a Basic Steps video, so you’ll have the fundamental moves to get started. That gives you a head start before the motivating music gets started.

Take your time with the Basic Steps. Once you feel ready, move on to the aerobic, dance-to-music workouts with your newfound dance knowledge.

In addition to the Basic Steps videos, Baila! features five 20-minute dance workout sessions – that you can do all by yourself or even have more fun with a group! The five dance workout sessions are done to the sounds of Salsa, Merengue, Cha-Cha, Pasodoble, and Samba music – each with its own, continuous motion, over the 20-minute exercise session.

Designed for all fitness levels, Baila! requires no weights or special equipment. Just a pair of comfortable shoes and your enthusiasm!


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