28-Day Size Down Challenge | Week 2 Self-Reflection

As you know from week one, behavior modification is a process used for changing behavior. First, the behaviors you want to change are clearly identified as are the circumstances that support their continued occurrences. Second, a plan to change these circumstances is created and put into action.

Here’s an activity to help you get started.

Getting Started

  1. Identify a behavior you would like to change. (Example: I eat a donut every time I pick up my dry cleaning)
  2. Record what events and circumstances happen before or lead up to the behavior. (Example: I take a special route so the donut shop is on my way)
  3. Examine the consequences of the behavior to help you understand why you keep doing the behavior. (Example: When I eat the donut, my hunger goes away and it tastes good. I enjoy visiting with friends who are also at the donut shop)
  4. State your goals in a clear and precise manner. (Example: I don’t want to stop to eat a donut at the donut shop every time I go to the dry cleaners)
  5. Develop an action plan by reviewing the tactics for changing the events and circumstances that typically precede the behavior (refer to number two) and identify strategies for change. This is called breaking the behavior “chain of events.” (Example: I’ll take a different route to the dry cleaners)
  6. Finally, after the change tactic has been successfully executed, identify and administer a non-food reward to congratulate yourself. (Example: a bubble bath, a new sweater, etc.)