• Meet Jaime Brenkus for Evergreen Wellness®

    You probably already know Jaime Brenkus as the fitness expert who revolutionized the fitness world with his 8-Minute Abs program in the 1990s. The entire 8-Minute video series became a national sensation as the first program to recognize that time (specifically, the lack of it) was a key obstacle for people who wanted to incorporate exercise and proper nutrition into their healthy lifestyle.

    Over three decades, Jaime has helped millions of people around the world to lose millions of pounds and inches. He is a fitness advocate for the President's Challenge; author of Get Lean in 15; creator of 8 Minute Abs, Slim & FIT, and Perfect Portions; and designer of Slim-Fast and Kathy Ireland's award winning videos, Body Specifics and Reach. 

    Now in his mid-50s, Jaime continues to practice the healthy lifestyle that he created, and now, he's here to help you do the same! 

Following Jaime Brenkus' Programs Is Like Having Your Own Personal Trainer And Personal Chef Coming Right Into Your Home.

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