Gentlemen, Restart Your Engines | Week 2 Self-Reflection

Building a Support System

A support system refers to how individuals mobilize their social resources to help them cope with and master change. Three different kinds of social support include affection, affirmation, and aid.

Affection – An expression that someone respects, likes, or loves you.

Affirmation – An expression that someone agrees with/understands what you have done.

Aid – An expression that someone will give you something concrete, like time, information, or financial help to get you through a crisis.

You can receive social support in many ways and from many sources. Friends, spouses, institutions, organizations, and support groups are invaluable sources of advice and strength. Your primary resource is the people in your life. The extent to which you enlist their assistance depends on you and your needs.

Getting support from others is a skill. Often friends and family want to help but don’t know how. If you want their help, you may need to show them how. Communicate openly with others. Clearly state your needs and be specific. “Please walk with me after dinner every night” is a clearer and more specific request than “Please help me with my program.” And, don’t forget to support those who support you!