Introducing our new Wellness Tracker! A Fitness and Nutrition Journal Designed Specially for Women and Men 50-80+

Have you ever considered keeping track of your wellness?

Most fitness trackers offer detailed forms for you to fill in with extensive amounts of data centered around weightlifting reps, body measurements, calories, body fat percentage, intense cardio workout sessions, and more. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

But let’s be real. Most of us 50-80+ just want to look and feel better. And here at Evergreen Wellness, we believe the best way to do that is by simply being mindful of your daily habits.

A Better Way to Track Your Lifestyle

Track Your Movement

Walking, biking, playing with grandkids and pets, housework, yard work, doing laundry – write down any kind of movement throughout your day to see how much physical activity you’re doing.

Note What You Eat

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Pay attention to what you eat and how it makes you feel. Zeroing in on healthier eating habits can really make a difference.

Pair With Any Program

Wellness Tracker is great to use with Evergreen Wellness fitness video programs designed for women and men 50-80+ or any other wellness program you may be following.


It is very user friendly and the simple layout only takes a few minutes to see where I was and how much progress I make each day or week.


My favorite is the ACTIVITY TRACKER because it allows you to track any movement, not just movement on an exercise machine.


I have started using the brand new Fitness and Nutrtion tracker . I use it to set goals , plus record the food I eat and activity I do. It keeps me ACCOUNTABLE. I recommend you buy it too !!


Want to learn more about Wellness Tracker?

Do any of these statements describe your personal wellness goals?

  • I’d like to lose some weight.
  • I’d like to have more energy.
  • I ’d like to sleep better.
  • I’d like to get stronger.
  • I'd like to improve my balance.
  • I’d like to regain some self-confidence.
  • I’d just like to feel better about myself.

If you see yourself in any of these, our Wellness Tracker is for you!

What you can do with your Wellness Tracker:

  • Assess your current overall wellness
  • Set weekly goals
  • Write weekly gratitude statements
  • Record how you feel each day
  • Use the daily Activity Tracker to monitor how you’re moving your body
  • Use the daily Nutrition Tracker to monitor how you’re fueling your body
  • Evaluate your progress
  • Reflect and improve
  • Celebrate your successes

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wellness Tracker differ from most fitness journals I see out there?

Most fitness and nutrition journals are aimed at younger adults following very gym-centric plans, requiring lots of data about the user's workout regimens and calories consumed. Wellness Tracker is lifestyle-focused and created for adults 50-80+. By paying attention every day to how you move and fuel your body, you begin to see patterns and gain insights into how you feel, and why - and this helps to bring about lasting change.

How many weeks of tracking are there?

10 full weeks. Each day has an activity tracker and a nutrition tracker where you jot down notes recording your body movement and eating habits.

Which physical activites should I track?

Any kind of movement should be recorded. Walking, swimming, exercise, bicycle riding, running errands, playing with grandchildren and pets, housework, yardwork, shopping, yoga, standing for a period of time talking to your neighbor over the fence ... virtually anything requiring physical exertion should be noted.

What should be tracked in the nutrition section?

Anything you consume throughout the day – breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. You’ll also want to track your use of supplements and hydration.

What if I miss a day?

No worries. Just pick up and continue the next day.

Can I use this in conjunction with any fitness programs I'm following?

Absolutely! If you're following a fitness program, be sure to include what you do each day in the Activity section of your Wellness Tracker

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